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Get ready, world: There’s an exciting new development at the Professional Bull Riders Global Cup for its next edition February 9–10 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The event itself is an Olympic-style matchup of bull riders from around the world competing on behalf of their respective countries, but this edition is extra special because it will feature the first-ever exclusively Native American team.

PBR Global Cup usa 2019 Live Stream

Coming together to represent Team USA for the 2019 edition are two sets of accomplished riders, the already established Eagles and the new Native American team, the Wolves. This is also the first edition of the Global Cup on U.S. soil. It was held in Canada in 2017 and Australia in 2018.


Each team is comprised of seven riders, in addition to one alternate, and a rider-nominated coach. The coach, yet another unique element of the event, is responsible for leading his team and assigning all riders their bulls each night. At each event, the host nation is afforded a home-field advantage. For the U.S. event, Team USA will split into two squads, Eagles and Wolves, with the Wolves set to be historically comprised of exclusively Native American Riders.

Each night, all competing riders will attempt one bull each. Following that round, each coach will select two riders to attempt one more bull each in the bonus round. The winning team is the nation with the highest total aggregate score from their Top 12 rides.

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