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Jose Vitor Leme won the first round of the Monster Energy Buck Off at The Garden presented by Ariat on Friday night. He received the first 90-point performance of the season.  He received 91.25 points when he was aboard Cochise. He earned $7,000 for his night’s performance and 150 world points.

Bucking Battle 2019 live

All-American Bowl

Rodeo Stock Photo (Photo by Pixabay.com)

Leme beat out 2017 World Champion Jesse Lockwood and Cody Teel. Both riders finished with 82.5 points in the 15/15 Bucking Battle.

Cody Nance was the fourth-place finisher with 60 points. Eduardo Aparecido was the fifth-place finisher with 45 points.

The event also featured the first round of the PBR Unleash The Beast tour. Cannon Cravens and Lockwood tied with 100 points.

“That was a good bull,” Lockwood said. “That used to be one of H.D. and Dillon Page. Whenever you get one of theirs, you know they are going to buck their ass off. He sure did. He started out really good.

“I knew most of the time he was going to even out, but I just kept going at him. I wasn’t riding him like I was supposed to, but I kept moving my feet so it helped me finish.”

Chase Outlaw was the third-place finisher with 60 points. Claudio Montanha Jr. and Matt Triplett tied with 45 points.

The riders must stay on the bull for eight seconds in order to receive a score. If they fail to maintain being on the bull for those eight seconds, there do not receive a score.

There were 18 bull riders, who did not receive a score on the first evening. That includes J.B. Mauney, who won this event several times.

The second round of the event will take place on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. The third round will conclude the event on Sunday.

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